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Every day, students, educators, and academic researchers find new and exciting ways to use National Instruments products. These written and video case studies are a few examples of how graphical system design is being used to add hands-on learning and relevance to education while accelerating innovation and discovery in academic research.

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Education: Student Satisfaction in Electronics

The University of Manchester Improves Student Satisfaction From 67 to 98 Percent

"Teaching NI tools in our undergraduate courses is producing postgraduate research students who can deliver practical instrumentation, control, and communication solutions from day one. For them, the challenge is the research and not the tools that are needed to deliver it."

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Research: Advanced Control Systems

Controlling 70-Ton Gripper Arms for Offshore Wind Turbine Construction

"The combination of LabVIEW and CompactRIO delivered the computational power required for our low-level control and kinematic calculations, as well as the determinism and reliability required for our safety-critical operational logic."

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Education: Student Employability

Leeds Grows Mechanical Engineering Student Employability by 19 Percent

"The tacit learning gained from the new ‘Hands-on’ approach by the University of Leeds helps not only to reinforce the core subject matter, but it forces the students to learn to deal with success and failure whilst learning about teamwork in a technical context."

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Research: Energy

Monitoring and Controlling a Compact Spherical Tokamak for Plasma Research

"Overall, NI products simplified the whole setup. We quickly brought together hardware and software from many manufacturers into an incredibly compact, powerful, and cost-effective tokamak."

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Education: Controls and Mechatronics

Rice University Puts Control in the Hands of Students

"We are excited to have a single, accessible platform that we can use for every lab in the course with NI myRIO. It combines the out-of-the-box nature of NI myDAQ with the performance of industry-grade technology from NI."

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Research: Robotics and Mechatronics

Undergraduate Students Feed Into University Research Teams

“With the increasing complexity of components we produce and accelerated development times, we need engineers who can quickly build and reconfigure control and measurement systems.”

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Education: Measurements and Instrumentation

Building a Low-Cost Automated Dynamometer

"We can use the LabVIEW platform to acquire data with NI myDAQ and use advanced algorithms with the LabVIEW MathScript RT Module to process data, all with one unified user interface. Using seamless hardware integration, we can run our processes on a host PC or deploy to an embedded target such as NI CompactRIO or NI Single-Board RIO."

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Research: RF and Communications

Developing a Software-Based GNSS Receiver With High-Speed Recording Capabilities

"We used the configurability and high-speed streaming to disk capabilities of the vector signal analyzer equipment to collect all available GNSS signals and expect it to work for future signals as well."

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Research: Biomedical

Controlling a Heart Simulator

"CompactRIO offered a rugged, reliable, stand-alone platform, enabling our team to conduct prolonged testing, which would not have been possible on a traditional computer."

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Research: Life Sciences

Developing a Closed-Loop Control Method for an Automated Anesthesia System

"When engineers and scientists want to incorporate a new idea into clinical testing as quickly as possible, they need an easy-to-use programming language that gives them the best results in the least amount of time and LabVIEW is well-suited for this purpose."

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